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Why MuslimDo?

MuslimDo is a Free Application that serves people and institutions as well. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

What does MuslimDo provide to people?

There are many advantages you will gain after downloading the MuslimDo App. MuslimDo will be your constant friend throughout the day.

  • Accurate prayer time:

We know that you have difficulty in determining the prayer times accurately, as they change permanently. Therefore, we provided the application with daily updated prayer time according to every Islamic center in Canada. So you can know the time of the first and the second call of each prayer exactly.

  •  Booking for Friday prayer:

Many prayers started to book their tickets for Friday prayer in their Masjids through MuslimDo application.

 Many Islamic centers provide this service through MuslimDo App.

  • Platform for communication with your Masjid:

When there is an event in your Masjid or center, you will get a notification on your Mobile phone. And you can book your seat through the application too.

  • Platform for easy and effective donation:

You can contribute in supporting your Masjid or helping Muslim families Very easy with only one click, and this process through MuslimDo application is characterized by 

  • It is easy and fast.
  • You will receive a tax receipt immediately.
  • Being effective, as your donations will arrive in their proper places (Zakah, argent cases, special events, supporting producer families, and supporting Masjids)
  • Platform for Hala business
  • An interactive map:
    It is an indispensable feature of MuslimDo application, as you can reach any Masjid or Islamic center in Canada.
    It contains some search and filter tools that make it easy for anyone to get what he needs easily and quickly.
  • Diverse and valuable programs:
    Last Ramadan, there was a daily live Program with a group of noble Shaikhs and celebrities. It was submitting plenty of helpful and attractive information and interviews about Islam and all life matters of the Muslim family.

Download the free MuslimDo application from this link Download and get ready for a stream of advantages.

MuslimDo … your way to goodness!

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