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The Virtue of Prayer in Islam

The second pillar of Islam is prayer, and The Messenger of Allah -peace, and blessings be upon him- told us that (The best of the deeds is the prayer at its proper time and kindness to the parents), Narrated by Sahih Muslim. 

Let’s dive into its meaning as an essential Islamic warship.

Could you have instant access to your employer, business owner, or any senior official? Of course, you could not, but guess what? You have consistent, infallible, and instant access to The King of the kings; Allah The Almighty!

In Islam, you do not need to dress up or request authorization, you only start performing your prayer, and here you are! Allah is looking directly at you, and He is listening to you with all His Love and Mercy!

A means that never fails:

You always have to deal with glitches when you use any means of communication. Your cell phone might stop working for any unknown reason, or the signal may drop out, etc.

But when you try to connect with The Almighty, the means you use never fails. It is prayer. Wherever and whenever they are, and whatever their languages are, all prayers always have an immediate and unfailing means of communication with Allah The Almighty.

Virtues of prayer in Islam:

They are countless and grander than being summed up in a few lines. When it comes to the virtues of prayer, where should we start! It has many effects on prayers’ bodies, spirits, emotions, thoughts, and even their energies. It is much greater than doing some movements or pronouncing some words by the prayers since every word and move has a brilliant meaning and a massive effect.

Virtues of Ablution:

In Islam, before one starts his prayer, he must make ablution (Wudu), in which he washes his limbs and head with water using his palms. Let’s stop here and discover the impressive impact of Wudu.

As stated in the Quran: (O’ believers! When you rise for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads and wash your feet to the ankles.), Surah Al-Ma’idah.

Virtues of Wudu on energy:

Washing your limbs using your palms helps release negative energy from your body because you collect electric charges through your daily life movements. These energies are concentrating on your skin, so when you wash your branches with the water, you collect them with the help of water and throw them out, and they fall with water drops, so you get rid of stress, tension, and anxiety, and your nervous system is relaxed! Just like what Prophet Muhammad –may Allah bless him and grant him salivation- said 🙁 so when one of you becomes angry, he should perform ablution).

Wudu prevents infections:

Another virtue for ablution is that it removes bacteria from your skin, as there are millions of bacteria on your skin, and making Wudu helps in getting rid of them regularly.

On the other hand, washing the nose prevents infection with some harmful microbes, which can cause a lot of microbial diseases.

In addition, ablution prevents respiratory infections by removing infectious pathogens from the hand based on some research which indicated that pneumonia is very much related to microbes and bacteria located there. Also, washing ears using fingers from inside and out 

helps cleaning dirt and fungus from the ears regularly.

In addition, washing the mouth and also using Miswak, which is a natural toothbrush made from a twig or root of a tree that has antiseptic properties) helps in preventing several systemic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

As indicated above, the Wudu or ablution, which is the first step in entering the prayer, seems to clean Muslims from the external and internal too!

Prayer wipes sins away:

We all are human beings and are sinners, and Allah The Almighty knows that well as He is The All-Knowing, and He graced us with prayers to wipe our wrongdoings! Because He is The Most Merciful. 

The Prophet of Islam said: (The similitude of the five Salat is like a river running at the door of one of you in which he takes a bath five times a day), Narrated by Muslim. 

Can you feel now the virtue of being a Muslim and the great value of living on Islamic precepts?

 All Islamic worship is for the good of the Muslim himself!! We all should be proud of our Islamic religion.

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