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The secrets of Basmala

In this article, we will talk about the most frequent word on every Muslim’s lips. It is the word Bismillah, which is an Arabic word that a Muslim says before doing any activity in his life.

The wording of Basmallah:

“Bismillah Al- Rahman Al- Rahim” is how a Muslim say Basmallah, which means “In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”

Why do Musilms use Basmallah?

Why do Muslims start their activities using these words? and what do they mean? I am pretty sure that you have these questions on your mind now. 

Now I need all your attention because we will talk about the deep meaning of Bismillah.

When a judge is about to pass judgment, he starts with the word ” In the name of the law” right?

Okay, now when a leader or a governor gives speeches, he usually says “In the name of the people” doesn’t he?

In the previous two examples, the speakers use the name that gives them the POWER to do what he wants.

The same goes for Basmallah – while to Allah belong the finest attributes- when you say: Bismillah you for help from the ultimate source of power; you ask Allah to help you in what you do.

What is the meaning of Basmallah?

In Basmallah we use the name of (Allah), it is one of The Holy Names of Allah, but He The Almighty has 99 Names. Why we use (Allah) in Basmallah? 

Allah is the Greatest Name of Allah, the One and the Only Who deserves to be worshipped. It is the only name of Allah that is not a character or adjective!

It is The Name of The Divine, Allah The Almighty said in Surat Maryam, 65: (Do you know of anyone equal to Him [in His attributes])

here, Allah defies anyone to call anyone or anything Allah!!!

And it is no surprise that NO ONE COULD do this over the centuries.. even the toughest unbelievers, even after this verse revealed!!

 The meaning of The Most Gracious:

It is a character of Allah who Has compassion for all His creatures in general. It carries the meaning of exaggeration in the number of creatures that He has Mercy on them. He has Mercy on the believers and the unbelievers. He has Mercy on humans and animals. His Mercy is everywhere.

The meaning of The Most Merciful:

It means that Allah has Mercy on each believer particularly. It refers to the repetition, which means that  He has Mercy on every one of us at every moment in our lives repeatedly.

The effect of Basmallah on Water!

Before we talk about the effect of pronouncing the word of Bismillah, we will talk about a Japanese scientist called Emoto who discovered that saying good words like the words of Basmallah on a glass of water makes some changes in the structures of the molecules of water! And it gives the water the power of healing. It explains why we say Bismillah before eating or drinking anything.

The effect of Basmallah on your body!

Now, after you know that saying Bismillah changes the structure of water, can you imagine its effect on your body which 70% of it is composed of water!!

Can you imagine its effect on your blood!!

And now, you can understand that Basmallah is not just a habit or just a few words that we used to say. Basmallah is a power and a blessing that surrounds you.  Try to feel these meanings when you say Bismillah. It will be a great feeling. 

Learn more meanings:

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