Etiquette of reading the Holy Quran

Reading the Holy Quran is not like reading any other book. There are some Etiquettes of reading the Holy Quran. Make sure you do them right and teach them to your kids.


  1. The recitation has to be for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction genuinely.
  2. The reciter should purge by bathing or ablution.
  3. It is better to sit facing the direction of the Qibla (the Ka’aba).
  4. Keep the hands and the eyes focusing only on the Quran.
  5. tranquility, reverence, and solemnity.
  6. Seek refuge in Allah from the devil at the beginning of the recitation.
  7. Start your reading by saying “in the name of Allah.”
  8. Focus on the recitation using mind, mouth, and attention to understand what’s read.
  9. Recite the Quran slowly and reflect its meanings, and observe the Tajweed rules during recitation.
  10. Decorate your voice during recitation without singing.
  11. When you read a verse talking about mercy, ask Allah for mercy. And seek refuge in Allah from torment when you read one talking about Allah’s wrath.  When reading a verse talking about glorifying Allah, glorify Allah, and prostrate when reading one talking about prostration.
  12. Recite the Quran regularly, and do not leave its recitation. Commit to reading a daily part of It.
  13. Respect the Quran. YOu shouldn’t throw it away, put anything on top of It, put It on the floor without a need or without making sure that the floor is clean.


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