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Donation in Islam

In the name of Allah, The definition of donation in the Oxford Dictionary for example is “Something that is given to persons or organizations to help”. Donation has various definitions, and many aspects including giving organ, blood, tissue, plasma, money, voluntary work, or providing goods or services for those in need. We all can understand its large meaning, but in The Great Religion of Islam, donation has a deeper meaning and a larger effect. Donation has two forms (charities and Zakah). In this article, we will know about the meaning of donation in Islam.

This is what it means to make a charitable donation:

To understand this meaning, let us dive into this short story……a poor farmer lives in a poor village, he can not buy his family food, clothes, or even pay for their education. And here is where the impact of donations is. 

Just a few days ago this poor man had a cow that he could sell its milk and his income could pay for the costs of feeding his kids and other needed expenses. This has happened with the aid of donations.

So, from the social side, donation is an important type of solidarity in which those who can provide aid to poor individuals can contribute to saving a person’s life!

so, poor people are the only beneficiaries of donations.

This is what it means to make a donation in Islam:

As it is in Non-Muslim societies, donation meaning is “kind of solidarity”, but the difference is that in Islam the givens take advantages and the donors take gifts!

How come? the answer is here in the Hadith of  Prophet Muhammad: (Charity brings a tenfold reward

Yes, the profit accrues to the donor himself, not only once, but also doubled ten times as much as what he donated! and this is the donation meaning in Islam.

Now I can hear the question on your minds, are you saying that when someone- as a Muslim- gives a dollar, then Allah shall grant him ten dollars!?

The answer is yes, but to understand how it comes, we should talk about a concept in Islam which is Barakah.

The meaning of Barakah in Islam:

Barakah is a common Arabic noun known in each Muslim’s dictionary, its definition in the English language is “A blessing power from Allah” this power can act as a multiplier of all the good things, it is the abundance of goodness and its continuity too!

and this is exactly what Muslims search for, so when a Muslim makes a donation he doesn’t expect that he must get ten times what he paid, although it is very possible and had already happened in countless stories and is still happening every single day. but what I mean is that it is not the only goal of donation. Muslim seeks to gain Barakah which is a gift from Allah spreads all over his life, to reach his money, his health, his children, his relations, and even his thoughts. 

Barakah means not only that your money is getting bigger, but Barakah also makes a little money meets all your needs, Barakah means that you are in a good health and don’t need to visit a doctor for months and maybe for years, Barakah is that you eat little and feel full, it is to get a little sleep and wake up full of energy.

The virtue of Donation in The Day of judgment:

As we mentioned earlier, donation primarily does much good for the donor’s life, but it is not confined to this life, as the virtue of donation goes furthermore, it extends to the Day of Resurrection, as The Messenger of Allah said: (The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity), Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi. 

Can you imagine! On this great Day when the sky cracks open,  and the sun comes near to people’s heads, while all people are sweaty, scared, and tired, then suddenly a great shade appears to save you from this anguish, you would find that great, wouldn’t you?… This shade is Your donation! 

Making a donation is a gift from Allah:

 Yes, if Allah inspired you to make a donation, and made donation easy for you, it means that Allah loves you as He gave you a gift which is generosity, it is a quality of the soul that Allah gives to those he loves.

Your donation means that you are not attached to material wealth but your soul is attached to Allah.

your donation is solid evidence that you believe Allah’s promise when He says: (And whatever you spend in charity, He will compensate [you] for it. For He is the Best Provider) Surat Saba,39. So Allah confirms that when you donate, your wealth shall be increased and His Mercy and blessings, shall befall on you.

Donation remains even after death:

(When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge by which people derive benefit, a pious son who prays for him), this Hadith was narrated by Muslims. The Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – said that the reward of these three things don’t come to an end even after the person dies!! 

It is called in Islam “Sadaqa Jariyah”  it is an Arabic word and it is a type of donation that helps people for the long-term and continues to earn the donor rewards even after death! 

For instance, when you support Building a school or a Masjid or helping poor families to start a business. This type of donation has a special meaning, as it is not only for the advantage of others, and does not even last only for a lifetime. It is a type of donation that extends beyond all this to benefit the donor himself, and his loved ones, in this life and even after death!

Donate for your own cause:

Now another definition in the Muslim’s dictionary, or it could be deeper psychology for dealing with donation. you may see it from a different perspective, or with some other meaning, so that you may donate from that which you love and which you want it to increase. YES,  when you give from your money, your knowledge, your effort, or your time, this thing shall be multiplied, as Allah The Almighty said about the gift He grants to people who donate in Surat Al-Baqarah: (The example of those who spend their wealth in the cause of Allah is that of grain that sprouts into seven ears, each bearing one hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [the reward even more] to whoever He wills. For Allah is All-Bountiful, All-Knowing).

Donation now is online with one click!

The present new technological revolution facilitates donation through some software applications, they are easy and convenient ways to donate without interfering with your schedule, especially for busy individuals. These mobile donation applications also enable you to keep donating, as donation would be through text messaging or SMS. it could be some words or some numbers but they carry deep meanings, great effects, and heavenly rewards!  

Donation through the free MuslimDo applications is the right decision and is one of the most suitable methods to donate. 

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