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We Celebrate Ramadan Differently

Zone out of your rushed life for a moment and join

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“Sadaqah Extinguishes Sin as Water Extinguishes Fire”

Give Sadaqah or Donations securely to your masjid and raised urgent cases. Get instant tax receipt

Looking for Freelancers and Businesses Near You?

MuslimDo Halal Bussiness Directory has +3000 commercial services, productive families, and freelancers

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A More Special Way to Reach Your Masjid All Day

MuslimDo will be sending you notifications from the Masjid or non-profit organizations you love

Know Prayers Time and Center Your Time around It

Easily check your Masjid’s automatically updated Azan and Iqamah calendar

Canada's #1 and Only Muslim Map

Find the nearest Masjid, closest events, activities, or programs on MuslimDo’s

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Things Are Much Better Improved, Right?

You get to rate the halal business, share your experience with your beloved ones

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Book Prayers at Your Nearest Masjid, Fast and Easy

Whether it is Jumu’ah or Taraweh book your spot for you or your family,

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Looking for the nearest Halal business?

Results are displayed as a list or on the map, for the nearest business, freelancer, or productive family. Whether you are looking for Halal food, restaurant, dentist, car repair, or Islamic school. Do More Halal shopping .. enjoy the convenience


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